Aclem Paper
Alecto General Technology
Ampgard Incorporated
Asephil Cylinder Corporation
Asian Electro System
Ayin Construction
Banner Plasticard, Inc.
Binalbagan Isabela Sugar Co., Inc.
Buildwell Construction and Dev't, Inc.
C and C Realty and Dev't, Inc.
Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation
Center for Info. Tech. and Exponents
Chemfields, Inc.
Citiland Development Corp.
Comfac Corporation
Cornersteel System Corporation
Dart System International, Inc.
EEI Corporation
Energy Factors, Inc.
Engíg and Construction Corp. of Asia
Fabtech Industrial, Inc.
Far East Mill Supply Corporation
Filipinas System, Inc.
First Philippine Balfour Realty, Inc.
Fujitech Incorporated
Gelmart Industries Phils., Inc.
Green Cross, Inc.
GTAC Manufacturing
IMF International Corporation
Interface Industrial Corporation
Integrated Electrical Control Corp.
Ironcon Builders
Just Textile Finishing Corporation
Land Bank Realty, Inc.
Moldex Realty, Inc.
Mondragon Leisure and Resort Corp.

National Bookstore
Pandisk tech. Phils., Inc.
Philcan Industrial Corporation
Philam Properties Corporation
Philippine Label Packaging
Phil. Tobacco Flue Curing .
Plastimer Industrial Corporation
Power System, Inc.
Racatech Builders Corporation
Reliable Electric Co. Inc.
Robinsonís Land Corporation
San Carlos Milling Company
San Miguel Food Inc.
San Miguel Food Inc.
SC Megaworld Const.& Devít.Corp.
Sindophil, Inc.
Shoemart Grsoup of Companies
Standard Color System
Standard Electric Manufacturing
Sterling Paper
Supra Finishing Co., Inc.
Tork Phils., Inc.
Totalfinaelf Phils, Corp.
Toyota Balintawak
Tutuban Center Mall 2 Gucco Group
Tyco Pieco Corporation
United Wood Industries Corporation
Victorias Milling Company
Vinhar Construction